The Consort

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Want to Sing?

Want to sing Properly?

We currently sing with eight voices, so we are up to strength.

However, we are always keen to hear from new voices to discuss what might be possible.

If the Consort sounds like something you might be interested in you should be able to sight sing easily with minimal vibrato, have had some choral group singing experience, but are maybe a bit tired of being one of many in your part, where you might feel you cannot be heard.

Finally you have to be able to listen and BLEND - a key ingredient.

Our repertoire is wide and varied and we are not rooted in any one style, simply choosing to match the music to the occasion and to sing just what we all like. We simply do not have the numbers, or inclination, to sing the "Big Works" beloved of some of the traditional choral societies and all of our music is sung A Cappella. Sorry about that, Choral Society singers, but don't be put off.

Give it a Try! You will love it!

Some people ask why we don't sing "proper music" when we are entertaining with lighter music as after dinner singers, or ask why we don't "lighten up" when singing in a more serious church concert.

You can't please everyone can you?

If you think all that is for you, simply contact us via our
Contact page.

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